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Have you looked at the Spring/Summer 2011 DreamBook from The Home Depot? I recently did, and WOW! 

The Home Depot is really doing their part to help inspire people with renovations indoors and out. The entire book was impressive but I’m especially impressed with their outdoor living showcase (beginning on page 47). With inspirational photos these and the one’s on their newly updated online Design Centre, The Home Depot is really positioning themselves as a go-to store for more than just renovations. Hmm, perhaps I’ll start joining B for his trips to The Home Depot more often.

Back to the outdoor living showcase. This summer season The Home Depot has introduced – Urban, Cottage and Zen inspired themes to help inspire people to think style when setting up their outdoor living area. Here’s a look at each theme…

Urban: To achieve an eclectic, yet homey look, go exotic with Persian – style outdoor rugs, lanterns and cushions; or more classically chic with wrought iron candle lamps, striped rugs and a black and white theme.


urban 2

Cottage: If you favour country flair, think airy wicker chairs on a wooden deck. For a casual look, consider Muskoka or butterfly chairs and simple wooden or woven side tables. Driftwood accents, lanterns and hurricane lamps add a beachy touch. Add metal cafe tables with matching chairs or bistro-inspired seats and a trellis to complete this look, rich in Old World charm.


Zen: The minimalists among us might design their ideal outdoor lounge with a pergola and dark rattan sectional or low, modern lounge chairs with cream cushions. Add Japanese-inspired planters, lush with grasses or sculptural twigs and discrete desk lights which cast a serene glow. To create a calm zone, even in the smallest space, set up a sleek metal lounge chair or string a hammock in a secluded corner.

zen 2

Great information and photos, don’t you think? Take a moment to check out their DreamBook and the online Design Centre for a ton of great information and more great photos. They also have a nifty garden club featuring Garden Trends for 2011


… and buying guides for Selecting the Right BBQ. Check out their line up of BBQ’s -


clip_image002Did you know there’s an IPhone app from The Home Depot? If you typically have a list for your trips to The Home Depot, check out their app and there’s more…
  • Location Identifier: Find The Home Depot store closest to home – with map and directions
  • Product Search: View thousands of products available online and in store
  • Product Availability: Confirm product availability online and in local stores 
  • Deals: View local e-flyers for current deals and promotions
  • Know-how: Watch videos demonstrating how to complete some of the most common household DIY projects
  • Organizers: Create wish lists easily for upcoming trips or future reno plans
The Home Depot iPhone application is available for download at and through the iTunes store. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.


InteriorGroupie said…
I completely agree!! I marked as many pages in the dream book as I do in some issues of my home magazines!
I like a Moroccanish look for outside. Right now all I have is dirt so it'll be awhile yet before I get around to finishing the backyard :)
design elements said…
agree! the country flair images are wonderful!
Mary said…
I'll have to check it out. . . I like what I see so far! Home Depot has really up'ed their game in the stylish outdoor furniture department!
I love the exterior inspiration... I was happy when I got the DreamBook in the mail! Perfect timing, since the warm weather has arrived!
PS - Just found your blog. I'll be back!!
patio design said…
Amazing! I love all the designs especially modern lounge chairs with cream cushions. I am very much impressed with the article. Thanks!
patio design

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