{20.05.11} Evan’s Birthday!

We celebrated Evan’s second birthday on Friday. His birthday meal? Cheese filled ravioli with homemade tomato sauce followed by cake and presents.


Evan's 2nd Birthday

We hosted his birthday party on Saturday. A few weeks ago I shared my inspiration for his party, so you already know it was going to be all about race cars. He was tired by the time we had cake, needless to say we didn’t get too many smiling photos here.

DSC_0552 (2)

Evan's Birthday Party

The race car invitations gave our 5 little guests a hint of what was to come. We outfitted our dining room for the party. The race car invitations, happy birthday banner and other decorations from Gwynn Wasson Designs via etsy, was the perfect starting point for our race car theme. The 36’ red balloons and fancy straws from Brilliant Bash were also good finds. I made the ‘2’ sugar cookies, along with the chocolate covered rice crispy pops and chocolate covered marshmallows but, the hit of the party was the chocolate cake and the vanilla with buttercream frosting cupcakes! I ordered the cake from Monastery Bakery and the cupcakes from Call Me Cupcake – both were absolutely heavenly.

Race Car Birthday Party

Happy second birthday Evan, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Kerry said…
Aw, looks like your little man had a fabulous little birthday Wendy! :) He's such a little cutie! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!
Veerrry cute! He is adorable. Love the race car theme!
InteriorGroupie said…
SO cute! looks like a wonderful little birthday!
Marianne said…
What a darling party!
Staci Edwards said…
The party stuff looks perfect Wendy!
I'm sure that Evan loved it - despite his lack of smiles. ;)
K&B by the Sea said…
Cool! You really did a great job putting together the race car theme :-) And I have to say, cheese ravioli and with cake and presents sounds like a pretty perfect birthday to me :-) Happy #2 to Evan!
Everything looks so great, Wendy! That's one lucky 2 year old :)
Designwali said…
Awww happy birthday to your little one!
Wow Wendy! The party looks amazing! And Evan is so adorable!
Tara said…
I'm so impressed! Happy birthday to your little Evan.
The race car theme turned out fantastic - looks like an amazing party!
Laura said…
Looks fabulous! Do you have any pics of the red balloons that you can share with us? :)
Lovin That! said…
What an amazing party! Love all the details!

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