Wallpaper vs. Stencil Art

In my Wallpaper Artwork post earlier this week, see it here, I mentioned I'm considering tweaking the idea by using a stencil instead of wallpaper. Here's a look at the wallpapers vs. stencil options I'm liking at the moment.

Wallpapers Options

treetops - jocelyn warner

spellbound - schumacher

modern trellis - schumacher

starburst - gramham & brown

lacework - amy butler via graham & brown

Stencils Options

missing link - cutting edge stencils

For beautiful stencil walls and a tutorial on how to, go here and here. For a online tv tutorial on how to make wallpaper artwork go here (wait out the tour of Jennifer Ferreiras' apartment).

A couple of things I need to keep in mind when choosing which route to go - the drapery and coffee table are staying everything else can be replaced - here's a snapshot of my living room today. The wall colour could also change, today, it's Alexandria Beige from Benjamin Moore. Oh, I should mention, I would love, love, love a Madeline Weinrib area rug, you can read all about it here, but I'm thinking it's not going to happen unless I source out a sale.

So what do you think - wallpaper or stencil? Happy Weekend!


I'm going to go with wallpaper on this one Wendy! I am in love with that Spellbound one, and of course the Amy Butler one is amazing too!
Balancing Lisa said…
I'm a big fan of the 3rd and last wallpaper options. All would look great but those are the two that caught my eye! Good luck!!

Unknown said…
How exciting! Love the starburst wall paper!!!

Also I am off to chk out your Etsy shop:-)
Unknown said…
Ooops ok looove your faves on etsy, great taste!
Unknown said…
oooooh great choices xx

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