Subway Art


Canadian House & Home, October 2010 issue

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They're a nice alternative to black and white photos with loads of graphic appeal but do you think we'll still see them in home decor in a few years? Hmmm.

For my Canadian guests, you might be more inclined to add them to your walls if they referenced a Canadian city. Well, you're in luck - look what I found!

What do you think of subway art? Trendy or here to stay?


DesignTies said…
I love letter & word art, so these subway signs really appeal to me (even though I don't like subways!!) I think they can be here to stay.

Thanks for the link to the video with the Maskros chandelier -- what a great space :-) Love the black walls and how the word art wraps around the corner.


Balancing Lisa said…
Trendy? maybe... I know very little about interior design, but I do know I'd like that in my house for a year or so, but I'd totally change it! ;)

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