Green Kitchens

My girlfriend is in the process of selecting finishes for her new home. Recently she shared that she's chosen avocado green cabinetry for her kitchen... bold isn't it? Definitely.

While your thoughts may initially drift to a country style, green could also go contemporary and modern. Here's a collection of green kitchens crossing a variety of design styles.

Love the natural countertops. Coastal Living

Colin & Justin, Home Heist

I like how the cabinets blend with the trees in the window. Design Files Daily blog

Love the stainless steel countertops and Eames chairs, call it Industrial Modern. H&H October 2007

I love the large green subway tiles and the mixing of natural & modern elements in the above kitchen... providing a warm yet contemporary feeling. This is my fav - H&H October 2007

I like the way they carried the green & blues into the living room. Colin & Justin Home Heist

Green paired with white countertops and natural woods... the white elements make it light and cheerful! Home Interior Design blog

Coastal Living

H&H October 2010


DesignTies said…
Too bad more people aren't as daring as your friend when it comes to selecting colours for their kitchen!!

I really like the kitchen from Home Interior Design blog. All of the colours and elements work so well together.


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