Nesting Newbies | Issue 4

Looking through the pages of the latest Nesting Newbies magazine, I couldn't help but notice the number of art display walls that appeared throughout. It's interesting how popular display walls or ledges have become but equally amazing is how with a little creativity & thought, you really can transform an ordinary wall into a personal statement. Another reason to smile each day... I can't wait to get my wall completed, see my project here. Yes, it's been over a week and I still haven't finished this already... I will finish this next week - promise.

Here's some inspiration from NN's...

an advertisement as inspiration - why not?

Perhaps a mini weekend project for you? Have at it and good luck! Have a great weekend!


Jodi Murphy said…
It is thrilling to see that you read our magazine and spotted a cool trend...great eye and insight! Jodi
These are fabulous inspiration photos! I need to take notes and start assembling some wall collages!

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