Elegant Entryway

I recently created a few design boards for a client's entryway. She was looking for ideas to help make the entryway warm and inviting for guests. She and her family use the mudroom as their main entrance so we were able to make the entryway a little more pretty vs. family functional. Her decor style is traditional so here's a look at the options I provided...

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Not surprising she liked elements from all options... so we're going to pull a little something from each board.  A work in progress it is...


Oooooh, I like options from all three too! Love the ghost chair in Option 1; Love the rug and dresser in Option 2; And love the lamp in Option 3!!
Anonymous said…
I really like option 1. its the colours that would make the entrance interesting yet classy. I hope you will show us the final result:)
DesignTies said…
I can see why your client likes all three options -- each one has great elements :-) Love the mirror in option #1 and the chest & lamp in option #2.

Looking forward to seeing the final result :-)


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