Classic Canadiana

For while I’ve been undecided if I love it or hate it but I finally caved and bought one. Meet Fred Jr. from Cardboard Safari.

Passe or not, I’m happy I bought him. We all laughed when we saw him all put together - thanks B! I selected the moose mainly because it seemed like a nice iconic thing to do. For now, he sits in our home office but we'll see where he ends up as time goes on.

On that note, somehow designer Candice Olsen worked Fred into a bedroom redesign - it looks nice but that's definitely not for me.


The small scale keeps it cute instead of kitchy. I like it.
... said…
What s funny story! Enjoy Mr Fred Junior;-)
DesignTies said…
I think the fact that Fred Jr. is a moose and not a deer makes him quirky and fun :-)

I have a cardboard moose head too! I like the small scale of yours! So cute!

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