Laundry Room Update

I've been looking for baskets for my laundry room for some time now, while IKEA has several to choose from I didn't want to spend 14.99 each given I wanted six of them. So I've been waited for sales to pop up and lucky me, BouClair has a 25% off sale happening now. Here's what I bought last night - what do you think?

Here's a few pictures from their display shelves. Their selection of home decor items has been improving over the years...


What do I think? I think I love your laundry room! Hopefully mine will look similar soon.

I agree, Bouclair's selection is improving. I bought some bedroom accents there just recently.
Could you have a more organized and beautiful laundry room?? The baskets are a great touch. And I feel the same way about BouClair. I get emails from them all the time and their stuff looks really good...never been in the store though.
Kerry said…
Wow, I haven't been to BouClair in ages... and clearly their selection has improved. I may have to stop in! :)

I'm loving your laundry, so neat and organized!
DesignTies said…
The baskets look good :-) And yes, BouClair has definitely moved from being a fabric store to being a home decor store.


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