Love it or Hate it?

See anything these pictures have in common? Yup, it's the pig! Of course it's not just any ordinary pig, it's a piggy bank from Harry Allen's REALITY Series. It's said to be cast from a pig that died a natural death and apparently it holds more than $10000 in bills. Feel free to read how Coco of Cococozy blog got her pig... funny.

It's comes in a variety of colours see them here or here. Both online retailers offer free shipping to Canada. I haven't been able to source a Canadian retailer yet but when I do, I'll let you know.

I remember when I first saw this colourful pig, I thought "hmm, interesting" not really knowing if I liked it or not. I still don't know but perhaps it's growing on me as a cute but ugly thing. My little man Liam saw it up on the screen as I was collecting images for this post and shared "I want the blue one!" and of course that's the most expensive (since it's a limited edition) so, I think not. It also reminds of the classic deer head or antlers that's trendy right now.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Picture credits; Nesting Newbies, MadebyGirl blog, NewYorkSocialDiary {2,4,5}.


I love it!

And I have decided that I really want one! Ha ha.
DesignTies said…
I'm kind of indifferent -- don't love it, don't hate it. It's kind of cute, but I don't need to have one. But that big dog painting in the first picture is really cool!!


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