Let's get started!

When starting a project with a client I believe a design board becomes a key component of how the design process begins. Essentially, it helps the client visualize how the space can come together including; furniture, fabric, art, accessories and colours. For me, it helps solidify the clients design style and feeling they’re hoping to achieve within their home.

It also helps the client get excited about the possibilities – as did my client from the design boards I provided for the main floor of her home. She prefers 'new' traditional style and was looking for a touch of pretty, here’s a peek into this project…

And, now, we wait. We wait for the items to arrive and once they do, I'll be happy to show you the 'before' and 'after' pictures!
Have a great Tuesday!
If you would like to love walking through your front door, it would be my pleasure to help, contact me for my design services.


Great design boards Wendy! Can't wait to see the before and afters!
Staci Edwards said…
Looking forward to seeing the final results!
And yes, I would love to do coffee, email me.

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