Thank You!

A special thank you goes out to…

Kimberly @ Restoration House

Restoration House

Kelly @ Jax does design

Jax does design

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File

the fabulous design file

and, Nancy @ Marcus Design

Marcus Design

for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award, I’m thrilled!

stylish blogger award framed

So the rules are… tell seven things about yourself -

1. I love to cook 2. I’m a list person {if we’re hosting a get-together I start by making a list of the menu then, list grocery items required} 3. I’m a neat freak {my desk at home and at the office need to be free of papers otherwise, I feel cluttered} 4. I organize my fridge {with each grocery shop I reorganize and yes, I would prefer to put the groceries away myself as things have their spot and I dislike it when I can’t see things} 5. I would rather buy something for the house than buy new clothes for me 6. I hate laundry {every part of it!} 7. I would eat cereal for dinner if I could {right now, I’m loving any type of Kashi cereal}

and, share the award with bloggers that inspire you -

This is the hardest part given there’s so many blogs that I enjoy reading. Certainly the blogs mentioned above and the blogs listed in ‘my daily reads’ - which I need to update – are on my Stylish Blogger list. So with that, I’m not going to name any bloggers but I encourage you to click on the blogs in ‘my daily reads’ and enjoy the beautiful spaces, inspiring projects and delightful reads that make happy to be a part of the blogger community.

Happy Weekend friends!


Barbara Matson said…
Congrats! One the same award from 10 Rooms. Feels nice to be loved:)
I am just like you, love to make lists, love to organize my fridge and would sooner buy things for the home than clothes for me!
Unknown said…
Congrats Wendy and thanks for the list - I'm so with you on the laundy, buying stuff for the home and I too would eat cereal all the time- I love cold food. Have a great weekend!
Staci Edwards said…
A very well deserved award!
You are so welcome Wendy! Obviously I have good taste! LOL. Congrats to you for all the awards.

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