Sarah 101 {Big Box Kitchen}

In this episode, Sarah and Tommy transform a builder basic kitchen into a cool, contemporary kitchen and lounge area.

“The key to creating a kitchen that’s out of the box & off the shelf is taking available elements and customizing it to create exactly what you want” says Sarah. First, here’s a look and then I’ll recap how they did it.



Here’s how they did it, easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Look to countertop options as a jumping off point. The colors in the laminate counters sparked the wall color, accent colors and selective cabinetry. Take it to the next level by doing something that’s a little out there and daring. They did this by combining white, glass and steel and green for the kitchen cabinetry and the band of color in the adjoining lounge. Lighting should tie into the desired mood, here, it’s vintage green pendants which adds a cool yet retro touch.

3 Take A Ways on how to unify adjoining rooms. Use one paint color throughout; use the same flooring throughout and finally, link rooms through fabrics for accent pillows and accessories.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?


I loved most of the kitchen elements, although I wasn't a huge fan of all that green. I loved the green cupboards, but I think the green chairs were a little too much. I really did love those industrial pendant lamps though! What did you think?
Wendy said…
I agree. The green was too much and overall it seemed too Ikea... I think you would easily and quickly tire of the spaces given all the green. I loved the vintage lighting and stools and the granny smith stacking apples :)
Barbara Matson said…
Just finished watching it. A bit green for my liking. Loved the inexpensive elements but it did scream a bit too much Ikea, they should of mixed things up with more vintage finds like the pendant lights, but still truly inspiring:)
Designwali said…
nice recap...i missed it last night but thank goodness for PVrs.
AliDecor8s said…
I think that is the first time I've ever seen her use laminate. I can't say that I loved the green kitchen - I too would tire quickly of those cupboards. Also, no area rug in the sitting area? Seemed a little cold with the tile floor.
K&B by the Sea said…
Haven't had a chance to write my recap yet - maybe I'll just borrow yours ;-)

Not crazy about the kitchen - I think it's the backsplash tiles that don't really appeal to me. And there's a bit too much green for my taste.

The adjoining seating area is really nice. Love the stripe up the walls and across the ceiling, and the clock is super-cool.
I've been on vacation and I have 3 pvr'd Sarah 101 episodes to catch up on!! From the pics, I agree with everyone else a bit green for my liking, but I like it. Especially those stools!
Also didn't love the kitchen. Love Sarah and Tommie though. Just watching them is entertainment enough for me :) Glad to find you.

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