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I absolutely love looking at pictures of kitchens. There are so many elements of a kitchen that really make it personal which help create a room that typically becomes the ‘hub’ of house. Three years after our own kitchen renovation, I’m happy with every choice we made – especially the splurge on heated floors for this time of year and the decision to remove the island which made the working space feel tight. Needless to say, when I come across kitchens with double islands, I’m always a little intrigued - worth the splurge? how would you use it? is it more practical than a single extra large island? (that’s a future post!) – enjoy!


double island DeCesare


ian carl

Photo credits; Kathleen Hay, DeCesare, Houzz and Ian Carl.

PS. You can a peek at my kitchen here or there’s a small scrolling slideshow on the sidebar. Hmm, looking back, perhaps I need new photos of my kitchen taken with my new camera!


Very beautiful kitchen pictures!
Balancing Lisa said…
Double islands?! If I lived in a house that was big enough to fit a double island I might do it! But it seems the second one is in place of a table. and then everyone has to sit on one side. hmmmm maybe I wouldn't do it.
Beautiful pictures either way! ;)
Unknown said…
My original designer suggested double islands for my kitchen but I'm not sold- I'd rather have one nice large one or a huge harvest table instead. Beautiful photos though.
I have to say I'm not a fan of the double island. It's visual clutter and a missed opportunity for a unique piece of furniture. I'd rather use the space for an interesting table, storage buffet, or something of that sort.
i'm not sure i'm sold on the double island either... although i like it best in the last photo... it seems to work better when they are opposite/perpendicular to each other.
K&B by the Sea said…
I love the look of a kitchen with a beautiful island, but I wouldn't want an island in the kitchen that we have now. I like having the open space, and there's really enough counter space. Plus we have a peninsula that can be used as an eating area (if hubby ever finishes making the stools!)

Personally, I think double islands in a kitchen is a bit excessive. If I had a kitchen big enough for two islands, I'd prefer to have one island and leave the rest of the space open.

I don't think I've ever seen your kitchen - off to check it out now :-)
Staci Edwards said…
I like the idea of 2 islands - if done correctly. The last image is perfect, it's an island and the second looks like a piece of furniture. I wouldn't want 2 islands that looked like 2 islands - if that makes sense?
Also, if the kitchen is large then 2 islands maybe necessary to fill up the negative space... The problem with one island that is extremely large is that the space in the middle is not easily accessible and often left unused. No one wants dead space in their home - 2 islands means more accessible counter space and more storage available for below.
Love the images too Wendy - You are such a great researcher!
Anonymous said…
If Only I had enough space to have TWO islands in my kitchen (but it DOES feel a little excessive)! I like the last image the most where the two islands run in opposite directions from one another, just to create some visual interest.

And I agree with Staci - two smaller islands make better use of space than one enormous island.

*Tania @
Marcus Design said…
Hi Wendy!

I have a little something for you over on my blog today :)

Nancy xo
Hi Wendy,
Nice to meet you. Love the pictures of the airy light kitchens. While we were remodelling we rented a house with two islands. They were useful in a party, but otherwise created too much congestion. in our re-modelled home we installed just one island at six ft - we agonised whether to take it larger but glad I didn't. Too far to walk around. Next house would like to try an oval or surboard shape...
Cheers, Jody
I quite like the 2 islands in the first photo because I think they're configured a bit like a galley kitchen without the walls - with 2 sections of the kitchen on the walls at each end. Does that make sense? For me, this kitchen flows really well. The others... I'm not sure I'd want to walk around one island to get to the other (I do that in my kitchen - around a penninsula to a pantry cabinet). And you know... I'm not a big fan of sitting on stools (short-leg syndrome!! HaHa!) so if I had an uber-large kitchen I think I'd rather opt for a working island and then a large farm table with regular chairs. Much more comfortable!! ;-)
Lovely elements in these kitchens, though!!
Layerstoo said…
Wow...Gorgeous Kitchens! Love the idea of two islands but agree with some of the comments above...I would not want them to look the same. We live at the island in my kitchen.
Unknown said…
Well if I had that much space, two would be amazing! As it is, I'm not a huge fan of my island.. I would rather have a great table or a seperate piece of furniture! x
Invest Antiques said…
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