Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup

The past Saturday a slue design bloggers and interior designers came together for the second Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup. It was great catching up with a few blogging friends and of course, meet with some new ones. I had a fabulous time and played paparazzi for my good friend Staci from Inspired by Life. Fun!

Vie of Verdigris Vie and Daniella of Dress, Design & Decor outdid themselves once again. Ikea, Delta Faucet, CIL and more – all sponsors and all so generous, our gift bags were full! The very talented Tommy Smythe was our key speaker and his chat was both humorous as it was inspirational. The trendy Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge downtown Toronto was our venue and it was fabulous!

A few blogger friends… Staci, Sarah, Christine and me. It was also great catching up with Jennifer, Christine, Vanessa, Kerry, Janice and Lisa (from a far!).IMG_2829

One of my new friends… the ever talented Meredith Heron of Meredith Heron Design. Check out her website for fabulous design eye-candy, and you can read all about her new design projects via her blog here.IMG_2833

I also met with the talented Jennifer Brouwler of Decor by Jennifer, her new website (& blog) is launching soon so keep your eyes open for what’s yet to come. Also great meeting with Renee, Jo, and Rhona from Covet Garden just to name a few. Seems like the evening went by so quickly, hardly enough time to meet and chit-chat with everyone.

The Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge was the perfect spot for the design enthusiasts bunch we are, loved it! Love the red doors against the old brick with hits of black - not to mention the lighting in the entryway. The interior was just a fabulous with exposed painted brick, concrete and natural woods through out.IMG_0820

Thanks to all the sponsors there was no shortage of food or drinks. It felt as though the food kept coming, and it was all delicious! I loved how it was served. I want to host a get-together were its all about appetizers, and I want to plate it like this – CDBM2011 @ Brassaii Restaurant

I had a great time, so happy to have reconnected with friends and made new ones. All in all, it was a great event and I’m looking forward to the next one! To check out everyone who was there go here, to be in the know for the next event go here  or follow via twitter by going here.


Kerry said…
What a great night! :) Was so good seeing you again Wendy!
Sounds like a fantastic event. I am at the next one for sure!
Staci Edwards said…
It was such a great time, can't wait till the next one!
Great recap Wendy! It was fun seeing you again. And congrats on winning the showerhead!
Unknown said…
Ah I loved your recap Wendy- was so great to catch up with you and everyone!!! xo
Verdigris Vie said…
Great Recap Wendy. So great to see you. You know the people make the party, but the food & venue definitely helped.

hope to see you soon
Anonymous said…
Great time had by all! Thanks again to Vie and Daniella. Sorry I didn't meet you in person one of the lucky Wendy's! Hope you are enjoying your prize!
Unknown said…
It really was a fantastic time! Oh the food was sooo good too! Glad you took some pictures of it!
Marianne said…
What a great event, Wendy! Looks like everyone had the best time. Thanks for sharing with us!
K&B by the Sea said…
Looks & sounds like a great time :-) Sorry I missed this meetup, but hopefully I'll make it to the next one.
... said…
How funny is this. We did a Meet the Blogger event in Amsterdam on the same date. Check it out here:

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