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Hi!  My name is Lindsey and I'm a guest blogger for  I am so lucky that I get to write on interior design and home décor topics every day.  It's my dream job.  I have a special fondness for Chesterfield sofas, Eames chairs and the color yellow.  I love visiting Desire to Decorate because Wendy has such a great eye for really pretty designs.  And I'm super excited to share this post with you on an interior design trend:  chunky wooden dining room tables.  Enjoy!

One of the trends occurring in the interior design/home décor world right now is rustic and oh-so-chic.  It's the unexpected pairing of chunky wood dining room tables with mid-century modern or contemporary dining chairs.  It's one of my favourite interior design ideas because it combines the modernity of seating with the antique/rustic quality of a solid oak, teak or pine, dining room table. As you'll see, the following pairings are ridiculously gorgeous and easy to replicate.  So if you need a bit of inspiration to get a leg up on this trend, take a look at these images.

 Wooden Dining Tables

Yatzer (via)

There's something very masculine about this dining room design.  A wooden table with chunky legs and a matching set of leather dining chairs looks so clean and rugged against the glossy pairing of white and black.

Wooden Dining Tables

Apartment Therapy (via)

S-Chairs by Verner Panton look right at home with this wood slab dining room table.  If you're crafty (or know someone who is), you can easily replicate this look with a few slabs of repurposed wood.

Wooden Dining Tables

Elle Décor (via)

This is from the home of fashion designer, Jason Wu.  A wood table pairs beautifully with chic black chairs and a lovely chandelier.  Come to think of it, the shapeliness and curvature of the wood and chairs sort of mimic one another. Do you agree?

Wooden Dining Tables

Design Manifest (via)

This table isn't quite so chunky.  Though the table is marble-topped, the legs are rough and unfinished.  Paired with white Henry Bertoia chairs in a very rustic space, the result is picturesque, yet stylish.

 Wooden Dining Tables

Design Manifest via Skona Hem (via)

In this eat-in kitchen design, the table is super chunky, especially in the legs.  Yet for some reason, it looks so pretty paired with a set of black leather dining chairs. If you're looking to recreate this look, there are two ways to go about it.  You can choose a chunky table that's been smoothed down, or even veneered, or you can go for something rougher, repurposed and unfinished.  Paired with chic, modern dining room chairs, the look is sure to be fabulous either way!

I’m thrilled Lindsey wanted to guest post today, love this post. I’ve always loved these natural wooden beauties,  I’ve had my eye on one from Urban Tree Salvage for a while now. Thank you for joining us Lindsey, and I hope you will come again. Be sure to head on over to to get your daily dose of interior design ideas!


Staci Edwards said…
I love all of these table and chair combos Wendy! I think my favorite is Diane Von Furstenberg's place with the Panton chairs - LOVE!

{Oh, and I also love that sofa you have on your favorite Etsy finds - Thanks!}

Carpet Pro said…
All great combinations of furniture style and design. I especially like room via Apartment Therapy. The white floors are different, but the furniture ties the whole thing together.
I absolutely love this trend - I think of it as a Nordic style and I am in love with all things Nordic. Great post.
I am all for and love the rustic look, but I am so excited that these tables are being paired with modern chairs! The wood slab dining table is definitely something that could be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. It’s nice because the design would work for a small or large family dining table and could probably be completed and ready to be used in a couple of weekends. Awesome article!
I just love these too - especially when they're contrasted with a modern look. Gorgeous!
Tara said…
Loving each and every photo. Gorgeous.
Happy belated birthday to you Wendy:) I hope it was lovely.

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