Our Summer List

In the same way we create a list of all the things we want to do during the holiday season, there’s a separate list for summer. Am I right? Last summer was the first summer we created a summer list that incorporated get-outside adventures for all of us. With our boys ages four and two, we’re beginning the family fun day trips B & I enjoyed as kids. Needless to say, our list isn’t complicated but is full of family fun that creates memories, and savours the warmest months of the year. Here’s our summer list so far…

Go strawberry picking.

strawberry picking mike pochwat photography

Make strawberry jam.

strawyberry jam

Pitch a tent in the backyard.


Watch a movie outside.

watch a movie outside

Have a picnic in the park.


Visit the Toronto Zoo.


Visit Centreville.


Dine al fresco as often as we can; with B, with family, with friends.

al fresco dining

Have a summer potluck with friends.

summer garden party

Take a nap outdoors.


but, most importantly we will…

enjoy the moment

Do you have a summer list? I would love to hear all about it -


Kerry said…
That's a great list Wendy! :) Lots of things on there that we'd like to do as well... but may have to wait until next summer haha
Unknown said…
Great post! I love eating outside more than anything and I must one day do that movie oudoors thing- sooo charming!!!
Ah *sigh* this makes me want to go outside and soak up some sun!
Marianne said…
Wendy, you have a great list! I love making jam and of course, eating outside. My neighbors always have a movie in their backyard in the summer and it's so much fun!
Staci Edwards said…
Perfect list - I'm already thinking about what I can bring to the potluck dinner! :)
Barbara Matson said…
Sounds like a fantastic list! Have a wonderful summer:)
Love the movie outside idea.........definitely adding it to our list.

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