How to Decorate with Kimberley Seldon

kimberley and i resizedI spent the weekend attending the How to Decorate class hosted by Kimberley Seldon. If you’ve ever had a chance to hear Kimberley speak, I’m sure you would agree that she’s informative and entertaining. The course was great, the ladies that I shared a table with were great and of course, Kimberley was great!

I recommend the course to anyone considering building a house, undergoing a renovation or design enthusiasts interested in learning the foundation to a well designed and decorated home. You may still hire a designer after taking the course however, now, you'll be more prepared and have an understanding, not to mention an appreciateion, of the design process.

Here are 5 highlights from the course;
  1. Before making purchases of any kind – PLAN. Consider the floorplans, furniture placement, lighting, budgets and the desired mood and look you want to achieve before spending any money. Be prepared to pass up something, no matter how much you like it, if it doesn’t meet your defined criteria and plan.
  2. Don’t take on a room until you have the budget to complete the entire room. By waiting, the end result will be that much more rewarding.
  3. Think of your main floor as an outfit, get an idea of your desired look before purchasing anything.
  4. The purpose of paint is to make sure everything else in the room looks good. therefore, you need to have thought though everything else (see #1) before you paint.
  5. 20% of your design budget should be reserved for styling, i.e. accessories.
Overall, I left with energy and excitement to take on more client projects and I would love the opportunity to shadow Kimberley for a day.


Staci Edwards said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed the classes with Kimberley!
Can't wait to hear more about it!
Unknown said…
Sounds like you had a great time and left feeling very inspired:) Thanks for sharing her ideas with us!
Sounds like it was a great class! Its always great to hear the advise of someone who is stylish and successful. I agree, planning is key. Unfortunately, with me, sometimes I plan so much it causes design inertia and nothing gets done, lol.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!
That is so exciting that you did this Wendy! You are on your way to being an interior decorator!!!
How fun! Some good advice, I'm currently going through the planning stages for our new house. Fun, but also hard to make final decisions!
Sounds awesome and those are some really useful takeaway points.
Barbara Matson said…
What a great opportunity. Ahh - I have made the connection to you and twitter! Another talented Canadian - will add you to my blog list.

Thanks for the comments, your candle project sounds intriguing!
Renee said…
Sounds like a great class and love the tips! I just made my way over from the Canadian Design Bloggers meet up - I look forward to meeting you on Saturday!
Leah said…
What a great class!!! I am realy loving all these tips too!

designchic said…
Thanks for sharing these great tips...sounds fun and informative!!
K&B by the Sea said…
Great advice from Kimberley, thanks for sharing :-)

I took Kimberley's Business of Design seminars in March, and was so impressed with her openness, honesty, and business knowledge :-)

I'd love to hear her speak too- sounds like some very valuable advice. I realized a while ago that I was lacking in the accessories department, which had my house looking too empty and not layered enough. I'm still working on that. Interesting to hear her 20% take- good guidance.

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