Exposed Brick walls

Instantly adding character and rustic charm even, lending an industrial modern touch to a space, exposed brick has me hooked. I don’t see the purchase of a loft or historical building in my future however, that hasn’t stopped my from collecting beautiful spaces of exposed brick, here’s my round up - enjoy!
exposed brick hallie burtonexposed-brick-new-yorkH&H August 2008houzzH&H Aug 08hallie burtonhouse to home via living etcS @ H April 2010
How about painted brick? Many people favor one or the other -- how about you, which side are you on?
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Exposed brick or painted brick, there’s tons of charm and character, wouldn’t you agree?

PS... I'll update this post with all my sources when I get another 15 minutes later today!! Sorry, got to go now!


Kerry said…
Lovely! I'm a big fan of exposed brick as well. if we stay in our house long enough, we've talked of putting a small sun room kind of addition on the back and leaving the brick exposed. We'd probably have to paint it... but i think it would be gorgeous!
Staci Edwards said…
Totally agree Wendy!
Recently designed an office area in a factory, it needed some charm and industrial looking cool factor, so I installed some exposed brick walls.
Great post!
I don't know if you know this about me Wendy, but I am OBSESSED with exposed brick walls and it's been that way for a long time. Alas, I have never lived in a space that has them, but I am not giving up! Great post!
K&B by the Sea said…
LOVE exposed brick walls! Although I do like the look of painted brick in some cases, I prefer unpainted.

Anonymous said…
I have never met an exposed brick wall I don't like...painted or not! I've made it clear on my blog that I love stone finishes in an interior, and brick is no exception. It's my dream to have an exposed brick wall in my house one day :) These are great inspiration pics to keep!

*Tania @
Agree! I love when it's paired with really cool art too.
Karena said…
Wendy, my sister has a huge loft building with tons of exposed brick. Lots of windows as well so it is still light and airy!

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Art by Karena
Exposed brick can be such a great look -city or country. It's a classic.

Also, you won my giveaway! Will be getting an email soon. Congrats!

I'm a huge fan of exposed brick walls, especially when they're painted white and paired with a great piece of art or oversized mirror!

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