Lucite Love

Since sharing this post with you, I’ve been on the hunt for more... simply because I can’t get enough lucite! Although, as much as I love lucite, I really think the ‘less is more’ principle applies here. Keeping pieces to minimum in a single room, unless it’s a set of dining chairs, really allows the pieces to standout, so restraint here will really pay off. I especially love how lucite provides function without taking up visual space, not only making it a great option for small spaces but also allowing others pieces to shine, for example, if a lucite coffee table sat on top of a Madeline Weinrib area rug! Here’s some wonderful examples of the versatility of lucite… enjoy!

lucite coffee table sally steponkus
via sally steponkus

lucite coffee table sunset
via sunset

lucite table carol reid design
via carol reid

lucite table housebeautiful
via house beautiful

lucite trunk Lonny Magazine
via lonny

lucite mademoiselle chairs christina murphy
kartell mademoiselle chairs... room via christina murphy

lucite headboard kendall wilkinson
via kendall wilkinson

elle decor
via elle decor

A couple of other lucite items, just for fun!

large lucite  tray thewellappointedhouse
lucite ring lonny magazine

Finally, this week is ultra hectic for me so I'm limiting myself to 3 posts. Join me on Wednesday & Friday for more beautiful spaces! Have a great week everyone!


Lucite is lovely indeed! There's a giant glass table in my Panama house that looks like it could be Lucite (but it's not) and I love the aesthetic.

And good for you for cutting back on blog entries this week - surely I speak for all your readers when I say you deserve more time for yourself and that we'll look forward to Wednesday and Friday :)

I am loving lucite too! I have been on the search on Craigslist for a lucite console table because I don't want to pay the full price! Let me know if you come across one!

And you bet I'm looking forward to your Wed. and Fri. posts!
Staci Edwards said…
I love lucite too, it's such a great way to add glam and shine into a space in a contemporary way! Will miss you Tuesday and Thursday, but I totally get it!
I've had one of those lucite trays on my wish list for a while now! I really dig that room with the blue wall with mouldings- so cool. We're doing white, blue and orange in our guest room. Funny that I said "we're" doing because my hubby couldn't care less! :)
Unknown said…
I'm a lucitaholic- my husand..not so much- when I brought home the ghost chair, he said 'great...more plastic furniture.' Great inspiration shots- looking forward to reading next post on Wed.:)
Anonymous said…
I'm not a lucite lover but I do enjoy looking at your photos... is it just me or did you notice the gorgeous spotted dalmation lying on the striped zebra rug... just love the contrast! lol
Nattie said…
OH wow! that's looks so pretty! I am a huge fan of lucite! thanks for sharing!!
K&B by the Sea said…
I love lucite furniture! HomeSense recently had benches just like the one in the bedroom via Elle Decor. It took all my willpower not to buy the purple one....

Leah said…
I adore Lucite furniture! I am always wondering if they show fingerprints really bad though. I am always thinking about thinks like that! lol

I want that tray bad!


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