With our basement renovation last year came a playroom for my two boys, Liam and Evan. Today, the bunting I originally made for Evan’s 1st birthday hangs in the room and I have a corkboard and alphabet artwork yet to hang. As I continue to look for ways to keep toys organized - yes, there’s been a trip or two to Ikea for storage bins - I also continue to look for ways to stimulate their imagination and creativity. Here’s a round up of playroom inspiration photos I’ve been collecting… enjoy!

playroom elle decor

playroom kohler idea homes

sloan mauran interior design

playroom coastal living

playroom lauren stern design

craft room project nursery via margaret norcott

playroom southern living

playroom assembly required

Photo credits; elle decor, kohler idea homes, sloan mauran interior design, coastal living, lauren stern design, project nursery via margaret norcott, southern living and assembly required.


Staci Edwards said…
Oh Wendy, do the chalkboard walls! Such a fun idea! I will help you decorate the top half {where the boys cannot reach} over a bottle of wine! ;)
Nuha said…
how precious!! I love the chalkboard idea and wood paneled day bed! xoxo
I love all these images...and might steal them for my own inspiration files! The older Keaton gets, I realize the importance of a play room. But ya, the toy organization will always be an issue!
Anonymous said…
I think every single playroom here looks great. Is it wrong that I want to create a 'play' room for myself as opposed to a studio? ;)

*Tania @
Shannon said…
amazing! FANTASY LAND!
Unknown said…
That chalkboard playroom is one of my favourites of all time- so want to do this in ours but husband thinks it would get too dusty- men! Great collection of inspiration!
These rooms are so fun! I love how the room with all the blue bins look organized and colour coordinated! Good trick hiding all the toys that way!
Barbara Matson said…
Love all these rooms, especially the chalkboard playroom. But as I am hoping to carve out a games room {my kids are teens and a tween - they don't "play"} I will file away the image from coastal living for inspiration!
Donna Ragona said…
Kids are so lucky having rooms like these...I wish had something like that when I was young!!!
Designwali said…
These playrooms look so fabulous! I wish had the space to do this for my kiddies! Love your blog!
K&B by the Sea said…
If I was a kid, I'd be happy playing in any of these rooms. Heck, as an adult I'd be happy to play in these rooms! Love all the bright colours, and especially love the room with the blackboard walls. Can you imagine all the creativity that must go in there?!

Have fun designing the playroom for your little guys :-)

Some great inspiration here!!! Love designing for those little people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michaela said…
I love the chalkboard walls! So practical for a playroom and totally fun for the kids! I know my mom would have appreciated the chalkboard paint when I was young, as I drew on my bedroom walls a few times (;

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