Esty Love

Yes, I have a thing for Etsy. It's additive and I've shown great restraint but I think that's about to change.
With the cold months approaching us, B and I enjoy tea every night so I'm thinking about...

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I'll take any of these but I have to say... looking at these makes me want to learn how to knit.

Finally, last week Shannon at What's Up Whimsy did a post on 2011 calendars and since I always buy at least one hardcopy calendar, I've been looking around... here's my pick!

I've posted about her prints before... I love how there's a nice mix between boy and girl illustrations in this calendar set. I think my boys would like them too!


Unknown said…
I am so completely addicted to Etsy- it's a big of a problem- for my credit card anyways:) Love those sweet whimsical calendars!
K&B by the Sea said…
Cute calendar, and those tea cup cozies just ooze toasty warmness! :-)

I've been pretty good about Etsy so far, but I don't know how long the restraint will last!

those tea cozies are too cute!
Thanks so much for the shout out Wendy!

And I'm totally with you on learning how to knit and the obsession with Etsy!
Staci Edwards said…
Oooh, I love those! I have recently learned how to knit, and have some yawn leftover from practicing... I know what I'm doing this weekend! ;)
See you tomorrow Wendy!
PS-Have you found a not-so-scary ghost for the boys yet?
Anonymous said…
Love the cup holder sweaters... so cute!
tea cozy said…
Love those tea cozies, so cute!

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