The Panton Classic Chair turns 50!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Panton Classic Chair. Envisioned by Verner Panton and crafted from a single piece of plastic, it’s certainly a iconic furniture piece in modern design.

Striking as it is stylish - it would definitely strike up some conversations in my house - at first, I really didn’t think anything of them but I think they’ve grown on me. Now, I might even consider getting one however, I think B would need a little convincing. Here’s my tribute... starting with the original classic.

White with wood or white with with is my favorite combination -


Here are some colour combinations...

Good for outdoors too!

For more background information go here or here.

Photo credits; domino, flickr, living etc, style files blogspot, kohler idea houses, idealhome, hectorhaus,


Oops, I just realized in one of my posts, I called it the Pantone chair! Ha ha.

Either way, I love them! I want two white ones - one at either end of my (future) harvest table and then white Eames chairs filling in the rest of the table!
DesignTies said…
Very sexy chair for sure :-)

I also like the combination of the white chairs with wood. And the bright green ones are pretty sweet too -- they look great on the patio :-)

... said…
What a great post! Single minds think alike;-) I've posted on this great chair a week ago. If you wish to see more stunning Panton chairs. Click here.
simplygrove said…
Total classic chair!! Love it!!
Staci Edwards said…
Love the combo of the 4 white ones around that darling white dining table!
Great post Wendy, and I love your style!
these Panton chairs are on the Modani website fort like $90 right now.. :)))))

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