Floating Shelves

Many people, including myself, have opted for floating shelves as bookshelves however, I love the idea of floating shelves inlieu of a console table or side table. When space is at a premium, floating shelves is a nice option to help keep things from looking too heavy. Here's a round up to help get your creative juices flowing...

This orange is gutsy don't you think? I love the floating shelf here... via Canadian H&H

Suzanne Dimma's entryway seen in the November issue of Canadian House & House. I love this modern classic feel. The blue zig zag rug is a nice change from the black & white we often see... also, if red is in your holiday decor, you could swap out the blue for red rug for the season!

Great use for a floating cabinet here... image via Canadian House & Home online TV, Gutsy & Glam

I think a larger art piece and something below is needed here but I like the two toned floater. via Eve Robinson Associates

This could be used to house a TV or statement piece in a living room or dining room. via icon custom furniture

Perhaps you have a bunch of old crates laying around... stack them like this, put a bench under it and you have a perfect storage & seating area for your mudroom! via houzz.

Placing the small table under this unit makes it from looking out of place... great idea! Lonny Magazine October/November.

Lastly, remember the pictures I shared with you from the Steven & Chris show - I absolutely loved the floating shelves they had behind the kitchen set... see it here if you missed it!


K&B by the Sea said…
I really like the look of floating shelves & cabinets. The piece from Icon Custom Furniture is a beauty - love the woodgrain!

Great post Wendy! All of these pictures are amazing!! And some of them are in my "inspirational files" already! I will be adding a few more! I love the look of that floating wooden cabinet from Icon Custom Furniture and that wall of wooden crates!
I love this idea - brilliant! A floating shelf is muuuch cheaper than a console table! I've saved some of these to my inspiration folder too, thanks!
Unknown said…
A great collection of pictures! I love Ms Dimma's entranceway- the floating shelves and blue zig zag rug are fantastic together. I also love the room with the rosewood floating unit. I actually have a very similar rosewood credenza in my living room and and it's very practical- like you said, it hides all the toys and tv equipment, but also looks great. I love the last shot too- really want that Madeline Weinrib rug (in lilac that is:)
wendy, this is a GREAT round up. i love these different options, very inspiring! i also like when they are used as a nightstand option.
closets Bergen said…
This is such a wonderful idea. It sure does make things look lighter. I also love its purpose of conserving space. Thank you so much for this post. I will change my mind about buying a huge bookshelf and just have floating ones.
Suchitra said…
Very Nice shelves, Nice Blog. Thanks for Sharing.
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