Styling Stripes

Looking to add drama to a room? Perhaps stripes are your thing -

above 3, homeheist

above 2, domino

house to home


I don't know that I could do a whole room but I've often thought about doing alittle DIY stripe art project. Canvas, paint, painters tape and we're good to go! Essentially, the size of the canvas and paint colours would determine how much drama for the room and when I'm tired of the stripes it would be a whole lot easier  (and cheaper) to remove the artwork vs. repainting the entire room! I like the idea of using a paint chit of my favorite colours for my colour selection... example below. What do you think... could you do stripes?

H&H April 2007


DesignTies said…
I could do stripes on an accent wall, or subtle stripes around a room, but couldn't do serious stripes!! I really like the look of the stripes running horizontally, and I especially like the stripes in the rooms from from Honey We're Home and House to Home.

Balancing Lisa said…
OMG, I want to live in the top picture! ;)
and I love the stripes on canvas idea too!
I could definitely do stripes, but in moderation as Kelly said. A statement wall would be perfect for me! I have always loved that photo from Domino with the yellow and white stripes on the ceiling in the baby's room.

And the DIY art is a great idea! Hmmmm, I may steal it one of these days!
Anonymous said…
Stripes, stripes and more stripes - love it! Great pics, Wendy. Thanks for posting. I am a fan of vertical stripes, but for some reason horizontal stripes make me feel dizzy. I think the wider the stripe, the better (for horizontal) but I like narrow, tight, close together vertical stripes the most. I think a DIY canvas stripe project sounds great...I might ALSO steal that idea and experiment wither vertical stripes in varying thicknesses (but they would all be in different colours so it doesn't look like a barcode).


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