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Thanks to a few Aussie bloggers, I found a new online magazine!!! Adore Home Magazine, an Australian online home and lifestyle magazine has launched its first issue - see it here. If you don't mind the flip-flop of seasons, Adore Home is yet another dose of beautiful spaces from around the globe. Oh, and its free so subscribe and be in the know for the next issue. Here's a glimpse...

I love how the yellow in the area rug is picked up in the fireplace mantel and mirror in the adjoining room! The rug reminds me of this rug I love from The Rug Company - Handmade.

Love the pop of colour with the blue chairs!

I know you've seen this interior before :)

Pretty in pink, greens and blues... home of Caitlin Wilson. She has a blog, Caitlin Wilson Design Style Files, check her out!

Happy Weekend all!!
PS... It's our wedding anniversary on Saturday and I'm so excited about having a date night!!


I love the Aussie sense of style - thanks for posting this.

Happy Anniversary! Hope date night is great.
Anonymous said…
I have seen Adore before, it's a great e-mag, and I LOVE the "flip flop of seasons" as you put makes me feel as though there's some sunshine to look forward to after all ;)

BTW, did you notice there's a filing cabinet as a side table in the 2nd last photo? Odd. I think if *I* would do that in a space, it would look ridiculous, but here it "works". Hmm...

Have a great weekend, Wendy, and thanks for the comment this morning :)

Kerry said…
Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fabulous weekend :)
I love Adore too!

Happy Anniversary Wendy! Have a great date night! What are you guys going to do?
... said…
Thanks for sharing! Great e-mag to follow.
Have a lovely weekend Wendy!


Lise M.
Kellie Collis said…
These are lovely spaces! I'm loving the flora rug in the first photo. Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx
DesignTies said…
Sweet!! I love Australian design. My favourite all-time home decor show is The Block (from Australia). And a blog friend recently sent me two Aussie home decor magazines, which I'm really looking forward to reading :-)

Happy Anniversary!!

Wendy said…
Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! We had a wonderful dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown Oakville, followed by a cappucino at a great coffee house next door to the restaurant. It was so nice to get out - to adult restaurant and be a couple again! :)
K&B by the Sea said…
Mmmmm, Thai is my favourite!! We had Thai last night too :-)

Thanks so much for following me over to my new blog :-) I don't know how we overlooked adding your blog to DT, so I made sure I added you to my JAX blog roll :-)

Anonymous said…
In Summer Thornton's home (Summer Time photo above) she has a striking wall of yellow. I've been thinking of doing something similar for a while now - find a lovely design of wallpaper or fabric and just frame it and mount it on a wall. Great way to showcase colour and less expensive than finding a painting you love.

Framing wallpaper or fabric is so economical - not to mention that it's also easy to change the look of a room when you get bored or when the seasons change. Bright colours for Spring/Summer and then deeper tones for Autumn/Winter - I love this idea - just like changing your pillows or duvet cover!

Odelya :)
So glad that you've put us on to this mag! I'm definitely going to subscribe!! In fact, I've tucked that home office spread into my inspriation folder... I'm loving that rug and would love to use it in my soon-to-be home office, with it's planned white walls and yellow accessories! ;-)
Victoria (DesignTies)

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