The Grand Manoir Chandelier

Isn't it funny that sometimes when you see something that you've never seen before, you then see it again and again? For me, it's happened recently with this magnificent Grand Manoir Chandelier. Funny, just the name gives this chandelier a sense of presence.

I first saw it here... through their spring catalog. Price tag $1550.00

Then I saw it on an episode of Sarah's House, Season 3, as Sarah & Tommy were working on the dinning room. This light is so distinctive that I remember saying (that's that light!)... B thought I was crazy. They got it at Decorum Decorative Finds on Yonge Street.

And, finally, I saw it again yesterday when Erin from House of Turquoise shared these images on her blog. You can see more images here.

This kitchen transformation is certainly beautiful but I'm not sure why Lynn-Anne (the designer / homeowner) chose to put the chandelier over the island and the pendants over the table. Hmm, is this the start of a new trend? Whatever the case, the kitchen, the lighting and overall look would certainly get people talking! I love the overall light and airy feeling this kitchen has and I love the pops of red.

What do you think?


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