Backyard Dreaming... today, it's an outdoor shower.

Over the weekend I quickly saw a post from Apartment Therapy via FB on outdoors showers and while I didn't have time to sit and read then, I immediately fell in love with the idea. So, today, I did a little surfing on the subject and I've come to the conclusion that we don't have a big enough backyard! You can read more about our backward dreaming herehere and here

Hmm, what am I willing to remove from my ever growing wishlist to accommodate an outdoor shower (& potty)... decisions, decisions. See we don't have a walkout basement to allow for a quick trip to the loo so the idea seems like one to explore further. Here's a roundup of my search today... delightful!

Doesn't this look so dreamy?... picture via House to Home

pictures via archi expo


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