I'm in on the Nate Day Fun!

I found out a little late today that today is Nate day, that's right, as in Nate Berkus day. So although I'm a little late posting, I definitely wanted in on the Nate Day Fun!

Confused? Well, let me help. The excitement is that Nate finally has his own show, which premieres September 13th - woohoo!! If you're wondering how it all started - well it started with the ladies of the mogg blog and their call out to all bloggers & twitter users to join in the fun. Right now the #nateday stands at over 120!!! Click here to see the other fans! 

If you're a fan of Nate's then, you'll know his mantra is all about living well - today. Here are the words that have stuck with me as I work on decorating my own home...This is my favorite Nate room yet - maybe because it's kind of eclectic and I love the airplane photograph by Jeffrey Milstein, you can see all his work here. Pictures are of Nate's Chicago home.

"buy the things you love"
"love walking through your front door"

images via DecorPad or Elle Decor

Here are a couple of pictures from one of his other apartments...
images via Elle Decor

Click here for Nate's line of products and here for more of Nate's beautiful spaces.


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