2010 - 1976 = 34 Today.

Today is my birthday and for some reason I find myself thinking of the things I’m thankful for and, of course, the things on my wish list.

Good health seems to be topping off my list this year but here are the things that follow… I’m thankful for: 1) my 3 boys whom are all “my sunshine”; 2) family gatherings, where my kids enjoy spending time with grandparents and know their cousins; 3) the street we live on, where my kids can have some good old fashion fun playing outside; 4) our neighbours, who have become friends and look out for the kids as though their own and the occasional get together for dinner or coffee is a nice treat too!!; 5) for my special friends at TGO, who have watched me grow up, have celebrated many of life’s milestones with me and most of all, allow me to work and stay home to enjoy my kids.

Most years I don’t ask for anything for my birthday, but this year, among many things on my wish list (see sidebar for scrolling preview), I asked for a Louis Ghost Chair or a better digital camera. Here's what my lovely boys surprised with this today…

Can't wait to start taking pictures!! And, maybe one day I'll get to creating a digitial photo book with all the thousands of pictures I have saved on my computer. One day. :)


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