Interior Design Show 2013 {IDS13}

It was design week last week with the Interior Design Show, IDS13, back for its 15th annual show. The show kicked off with the Thursday night opening party and continued over the weekend. In recent years I only went to the party however, this year I did the party and trade day on the Friday. Saturday & Sunday were open to the public.

IDS13 Recap Desire to Decorate

Before I dive into this post too much, I have to say that I think IDS has its work cut out for themselves. Year after year, they need to impress what I think is a hard to wow design crowd. Without doubt this year they would impress the public, but the design industry not likely – or at least, not as much. That said, this years show was better than last.

My suggestions? I think Thursday and Friday need to better target the design industry. The goal for these two days should be all about engaging, providing insight and inspiration for the already well-versed designer and design enthusiasts. Why not bring international renown key note speakers to the table and kick off trade day with a general opening session? Our seasoned local designers would be sure to listen in if the scope was outside Canadian designers. How about hosting a handful of round-table discussions that bring together local industry experts & manufactures and / or design experts & media for a loosely structured networking and collaboration discussions? This allows for the community as a whole to connect and strive beyond the today. Again, for the public they impress but for the design community, I think they need to step up their game.

Okay, moving on.

This year I was asked to participate in a walk around hosted by the fabulous folks at Masco Corporation  along with their blog Beige is Dead. I can't say enough about this group and the round up of media, design experts and design bloggers who walked together. All in all, an interesting experience. If you follow me on instagram see all the insta-photos via #IDS13walk.

Here's a look at some of my favourites from the show...

IDS13 via Desire to Decorate C
IDS13 via Desire to Decorate D
IDS13 via Desire to Decorate E

Living Lighting on King… but love the way Meredith captured it… see her recap here.

Ikea at IDS13 via Desire to Decorate

IKEA always impresses at IDS and this year was no different. An industrial - modern kitchen showcase, fit for a home or restaurant… brilliant.

IDS13 via Desire to Decorate G

This industrial – earthy showcase via Earth Inc.

IDS13 via Desire to Decorate H

Cocoon Furnishings made an appearance this year, yay! Their showcase was hands down one of my favourites. Classic, calm with a touch of colour. Loved it!

Another repeat IDS exhibitor, Weavers Art. They did mainly grey this year.

As much as the interior design show is an design enthusiasts treat, it was also blended a little work for me. If you’ve been on the IDS Facebook page will you have seen a few shared posts from my company Juice Marketing Group. For more on how I worked the conference pop over to my business blog here.

Finally, although I didn’t get an opportunity to canvas the entire exhibit floor, it’s interesting that a few of the big names like Style at Home, ELTE and Snob didn’t make an appearance this year. Also, it seemed that kitchen & baths businesses were among the popular booths this year. Wished there was more designer showcases like we saw at IDS11.

All in all, this years IDS experience was more about the conversations and connections vs. the eye-candy… that said, a dose of pretty never hurts. So appreciative of all the great conversations I had with so many great people this year… looking forward to continuing those conversations going forward. As for IDS, I look forward to IDS14!


Designwali said…
so much inspiration. sad I missed it...great recap though!

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