Happy 2013!

Happy 2013 friends! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season filled with many special moments with family and friends. 

Happy 2013 via Desire to Decorate

Reflecting on 2012 makes my head spin and smile all at the same time. It was a interesting year to say the least. It started off on a low, but shortly after new opportunities began. 

Starting my own company was pivotal for me, and while it was a little scary at first, it quickly become the right decision for me. Much of that stems from my personal cheerleaders championing for me, the relationships I appreciate & value from within business and finally, the relationships I've developed via the design blogging community. 

I never would have thought the marriage of marketing and looking at beautiful spaces would happen, but it happens every day as I manage marketing projects and social channels for businesses with the design, textile and home décor industry. If you want on-trend marketing campaigns that generate leads through the strategic mix of social, traditional and digital marketing then connect with me here. Yes, my shameless plug, but marketing strategy + social media within the design community is my thing and I'm loving it!

I'm looking forward to a new year filled with new adventures and opportunities. I'm excited to get-going… what are you feeling good about for 2013?


Unknown said…
Very proud of you Wendy - wishing you and Juice continued success in 2103:) xoxo
Unknown said…
Starting your own company is a great accomplishment! I started mine in 2012 as well, and haven't looked back!

Best of luck to you Wendy in 2013!

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