Modern Interiors vs. Modern Eclectic

Is the sleek, linear and paired down accessories look of ultra modern interiors a design style of the past?

Although many décor trend reports are suggesting all styles are a go this year, I'm seeing less posts, pins and tweets of ultra modern interiors lately.

I'm seeing modern interiors with more personality these days... perhaps better named modern eclectic. I don't know, but here's what I mean...

Wonder if those who love modern design style are reconsidering or struggling with how to add in some personality without offsetting their whole décor. Interesting. My suggestion? Seek expert advice before attempting to do it yourself.

Sources; Richard PowersEric Staudenmaier Photography, Interior Elements, Ando Studio, Jonathan Adler, Jenny Wolf Interiors, S.R. Gambrel and Allen Kirsh


Keira said…
I found this post very interesting. Although I have always gravitated towards more modern and clean (ie if it's only purpose is for me to dust it, it's out of there!) interiors, I too find myself loving the more eclectic side of modern you discuss here. I think you're right that it's likely because the eclectic spaces are more personal and liveable. I also believe it works with the "green" movement, since more people are refurbishing old furniture instead of buying everything new, or just showcasing something that was passed on to them.
Ambs said…
I totally agree with you - "quirk" is in! I've never been drawn to the pared down, modern looks of those shots in the beginning of this post. They seem impersonal and somewhat boring to me. I love how people are being more expressive in their homes, even showing a sense of humor, because it's naturally how I like to decorate because it's warm and inviting. I want to be in a fun happy place, and if that means a colorful donkey piñata and hot pink crocheted throw over a chair (done and done) I'm all for it! Great post - I love your observations!

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