Carrot Cake

Remember I mentioned I was going to make carrot cake with cream cheese frosting?

Well, viola! I made it and it was inhaled by all. It was delicious and the frosting was heavenly.

Carrot Cake via Desire to Decorate

Here’s the carrot cake recipe for you…Carrot Cake Recipe

We hope to hit an apple farm this weekend, so perhaps next week I’ll share an apple pie or crumble recipe with you. But then again, I also made pumpkin bread for the first time ever so I have that to share as well.

Did I mention, I love the Fall? It’s my favourite season. It brings on the goodness of comfort foods like, stuffed peppers, chilli's and stews… the deliciousness of home-baked goodies like, apples and pumpkin pies and more {like carrot cake!}. It also brings on boots, sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes… also favourites of mine. Happy Weekend all!


How2home said…
Looks delicious! Where did you get the cake stand from? Thanks for sharing the recipe with us ;) Happy Monday!

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