Blog Brunch

I participated in my very first Blog Brunch last weekend. Have you heard of it?

It’s a twitter meet up {aka tweet-up} that occurs on the first Saturday of every month. With each month comes a new topic for discussion. This months topic was Staging and Styling :: “the ins and outs of how to stage and style photos and events you may use for your blog and social media.” You can read the questions from Saturday’s Brunch here.

blog brunch {staging and styling}

From the registration to the live stream, it was exceptional. I’ve never participated in a tweet-up that had so much energy and good hearted sharing of ideas among the group. I walked away from my computer with loads of ideas, some new,  some building on existing ones, and feeling inspired.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s some tweets from the session…

Q3: For any shoot or event, how do you plan or identify the theme, style, location and lighting of your staging?

  • Start w/ a location that enhances the details of your shoot or event. Every detail needs to evoke mood you are trying to convey
  • Ask yourself who is your audience and what type of mood or feeling do you want to evoke. Then get inspired, Create mood board.
  • Always have my inspiration board on hand to refer to as the photos are being styled and taken

Q5: What’s the best way to submit your work to be featured on other blogs websites?

  • Build relationships with bloggers you like & respect. Bloggers will reach out to each other for collab opportunities
  • Keep pitch emails short and sweet. Attach a few images of your best work. Be genuine and make sure it's a good fit
  • Know the blog's focus and audience and tailor your pitch accordingly

For more tweets from Saturday’s brunch have a browse through the stream…

The next Blog Brunch is November 3rd :: Finding Your Blog Voice. Register for it here. You won’t be disappointed. Also, want to know more about one of the founders of Blog Brunch? Pop over to Mimi + Meg and read their post on Megan of The Fresh Exchange.

FYI: It’s funny how things come into your life when they do. The discovery of this event couldn’t be more perfect for me. The wheels are in motion for something similar coming from Juice Marketing Group, I’m so excited. More good times ahead. Oh, the balancing act is in full swing these days.


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