Coloured Denim Crush

Since my trip to Florida, I’ve been crushing on coloured denim. They were everywhere – in a rainbow of colours. I returned empty handed. Needless to say, I’m still crushing…coloured demin

green | yellow | pink | blue | mint | coral

I want a pair in every colour. Do you have a favourite? {thank you Staci for letting me reblog this post! It’s exactly what I was set out to source}


Anonymous said…
I quite like the blue!
I knew I had seen this somewhere! :) Yes, I have a kelly green pair and love them.
I love the coral! I have a pair of colored denim in bright blue and one from coral, both from Old Navy, that I love.
Chelsea (
Tim said…
I like as well! have been looking for a pair of green myself. The men stuff is too baggy, women stuff is too tight ... my hunt will continue!
The blue jeans look adorable!

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