Arranging Garden Flowers Indoors

Our lilac bush is blooming for the first time since we planted it years ago. We have it placed just outside our back door in hopes that the scent will carry through the air when we step outside. I’ve already taken a few clippings and filled a small vase to bring the scent indoors. It’s a great little pop of colour and freshness to our kitchen these days.

Here’s three great ideas for how to arrange garden flowers indoors.

garden flowers indoors 1

garden flowers indoors 2

garden flowers indoors 3


I think these photos are pretty in their simplicity. What your favourite outdoor / indoor flower?


Marianne said…
We must be on the same wave length today. I just did a post on some lilacs I brought in to the house from my yard. These look much prettier than mine. :)
InteriorGroupie said…
Gorgeous! Tis the season...I just cut some lily of the valley yesterday to put a vase in our entranceway, and one vase on my bedside table.heaven. :)
mikky said…
Very pretty photos. My favorite is Peonies, love how they look and they smell like heaven. The only thing I don`t like about them is the black ants that always sneak into the house with them. I also love the scent of lilacs, driving home I see so many lilac trees I keep wondering if my neighbours would mind if I cut some to put in my house.

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