Coffee or Tea Anyone?

Last week I mentioned to a few bloggers that I recently created a coffee / tea tray in my kitchen. I was asked to show it off, so here it is…


I’m more of a ‘stow’ vs. ‘show’ person but this came to be simply because I was tired of reaching for tea or sugar from the upper cabinets. B and I have coffee every morning and tea every evening so it made sense to arrange things nicely on the counter. It also gave me an opportunity to showcase some pretty keep sake pieces we have. The tin is a vintage short bread tin from England and the teacup was a gift from my bridal shower, also from England. I also added a touch of whimsy but framing scribbles from my 3 year old. I’m in search of a more ornate frame, but until then, here’s what it looks like.

coffee or tea

Do you have anything like this in your own kitchen? Do tell.


Unknown said…
I love this look, and recently set up something like this as well. Not only does it make things neat and tidy, it also is an excuse to show off a great basket or tray! Lovely.
Unknown said…
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