The Red Brick House

We live in a red brick house. While that lends itself to a traditional style, I am always on the look out for how I can add a touch of contemporary. A few years ago, we spent a good chuck of change on the front landscape blending natural stones with low maintenance greenery, such as; boxwoods, hydrangeas, hostas and others - we love how it softened the overall look. Today, many of our greens need trimming however, we’ll wait until the fall or early spring to tackle that project.

Our intensions are to replace the front door and garage door one day, but this past weekend we got to repainting them to give our curb appeal a little face lift. Here are some of the inspirational images that got my wheels turning.

H & H May 2011

H & H May 2011 a



dabble magazine

Yes, we went black on the front door, and choose a shade of taupe for the garage door trying to blend it with the trim and make it disappear. I’ll share photos when we’re done. The paint we’re using is Behr Premium Plus Ultra, courtesy of The Home Depot.

Photo Credits; Canadian House & Home, Flickr, live breath decor and Dabble Magazine


Staci Edwards said…
Oh good, you did it - I hope you love it! I'm sure it looks great, can't wait to see it!
Anonymous said…
Love these inspirational photos, and the black front door. Hope your project turns put as you has hoped for, good luck!
Marcus Design said…
Gorgeous! My front door is black too and I love it. And that pic of those double doors, I DIE!!
Nancy xo
Shannon said…
Can't go wrong with black!

Out black door is never clean though....I want to repaint the darn thing...and buy a fabulous knocker

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