Beautiful Backyards

Lately I find myself admiring beautiful backyards. Our backyard has yet to be made beautiful, mainly because we’re talking about putting in a pool in the coming years. Until then, it remains empty and ugly – and until then, I’ll keep admiring the beautiful backyards of others. Here’s a look at those that have caught my eye… enjoy!

ashley whittaker design 2

HGTV Sarah's House 2

katie-couric-house via shelter pop

house and home

virgina macdonald

Below is still my favourite pool inspiration photo – love it.

donna driffith

Beautiful, right? If you have come across other beautiful backyards, feel free to share the link. Better yet, do you have a backyard retreat already? Tell me about – share a photo.

Photo Credits; Ashley Whittataker Design, HGTV Sarah’s House, Shelter Pop, Canadian House & Home, Virginia MacDonald and Donna Griffith


Unknown said…
The first one made my heart skip a beat- might also have something to do with the gorgeous house...these are all lovely and make me want a pool too!
Staci Edwards said…
I could totally handle having a yard with a pool!
Kerry said…
Funny because I ALSO just did a post today on beautiful backyards that inspire me. Our yard is pretty lame, and we'll have to wait until next year before we do any major landscaping and changes back there... but one day we'll have a beautiful backyard haha (at least the front is looking pretty...)
Gorgeous!!! That first picture is my dream house!! Love the wooden shingles and the stunning pool! Ahhhh
Very nice
These are not backyards these are more like country clubs :)
Balancing Lisa said…
I wish my backyard had a pool! If I thought we'd be here more then a few more years, I'd have one put in!!! day!!!
I just received my initial plans from my landscape designer, and it has left me so excited about our yard (new build so all I have right now is dirt). We don't have quite the space for a pool, but I think they create an amazing look in a backyard. Love your images!
Marianne said…
Sign me up for the first one! I love the house, the pool, the hydrangeas, well I guess everything in that image for that matter!
designchic said…
Such beautiful backyards. I am so in love with the first image...the charming shingled home, the yard, the pool...I love it all!!
Shannon said…
We could have put in a pool...but we decided to do a bbq party backyard instead (and leave the garage standing)

but when I see these yards, and today's forecast - i wish we did a pool!
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