Our Visit To Centreville

We went to Centreville on Friday. You’ve seen our summer list, so you know we were headed there at some point. It called for a beautiful day so B and I took the day off and enjoyed time with the boys. My parents, and their dog Toby, came along for the get-outside adventure too.

A trip on the ferry always makes for a good start to the day.


Our first stop? The train. Liam talked about riding the train the entire car ride downtown.


Next, lunch. We found the perfect spot by the water and enjoyed our sandwiches – everything seems more tasty when eating al fresco, no?


The boys enjoyed the company.


While Evan napped, Liam enjoyed the playground and water fountains.


Happy boy {again}…


Me sneaking in a photo while they’re enjoying a monster popsicle. Evan wasn’t so sure about me interrupting his popsicle experience. Monster popsicles, courtesy of Grandpa - thanks Grandpa!


The rest of the afternoon was filled with rides and more rides… so much fun!





We were all zonked by the end of the day, but it was worth it. The boys were great and we all enjoyed the family time.


Happy memories for your family.
Kerry said…
Looks like such a great way to spend a beautiful day together! :)
Staci Edwards said…
Looks like a fun day! You can tell the boys were tired by the end by the looks on their faces in that last photo - I would think the fire truck would be way more fun than they are letting on. Lol!
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great day - I've got Centreville on my summer 'to-do' list as well!
Marcus Design said…
Awww, this looks like sooo much fun, your pics are fabulous!!!
Nancy xo
K&B by the Sea said…
What a great family outing :-) And taking the day off specifically to spend time together makes it even more special :-) Those monster popsicles look yummy!
Looks like the perfect place for two little guys! Mine would probably love it too! Enjoy your summer. :)

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