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If you have been with me since last summer, you know that we have yet to do anything with our backyard because we will be putting in a pool in the coming years. While we have the backyard drawings done and the timeframe for the project nailed-down (given the age of our boys), that doesn’t keep us from longing for it now.

This past weekend we finally had the chance to dine outdoors (we usually do in the summer), and I found myself tossing out the pool design for a plan that’s doable today. I found myself day dreaming of beautiful backyards, complete with; semi-mature trees, an array of colourful annuals, an outdoor dining area along with an outdoor living room. One thing I keep chatting up is having a pergola in the design - I love them. I especially love them equipped with lighting…




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It seems I’m building on my ‘likes’ from last year… barn board tables, outdoor cabanas, outdoor showers or read all my outdoor living posts here.

Photo Credits; houzz, Canadian House & Home May 2011 and pinterest.


Anonymous said…
These are so gorgeous. We had built a pergola at our last home and I miss it. xo
Unknown said…
That is exactly what I would like for my backyard- absolutely gorgeous!!!
Pet Health said…
We added a Chiminea to our new patio this spring and most nights you can find our chocolate lab right there next to it napping in the glow and heat it puts off. I'm fine with that because up until now he was on my white wicker seat cushion! The design can only go so far around our place, has to be pet friendly:)
K&B by the Sea said…
I love pergolas :-) I really want one over the eating area of our deck, but unfortunately there are other projects to do around the house that are "must do" instead of "would be nice to do". One of these days I'll have a pergola!

I'm with you, a pergola looks even more fab with a beautiful light fixture. I'm drooling over picture #2!
Staci Edwards said…
I too love pergolas - ours has twinkle lights though out the vines, and two pendant lights hanging above the table. Looking forward to having you and B over soon!
Marianne said…
I would love to have a pergola in my backyard. I'd love to hang a few chadeliers from it!
deck builder said…
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