Boy Bedroom Inspiration

Having two boys I always keep an eye open for boy bedroom inspiration. Here’s a look at what I’ve collected over the last few months… enjoy!

McGill Group

glenn gissler design boys bedroom lauren stern design

boys bedroom decesaredesigngroup

boys bedroom de cesare design group

lauren stern design west village penthouse

Yanic Simard

Lonny june july

Photo Credits: McGill Design Group, Glen Gissler, Lauren Stern Design, deCesare Design Group, Yanic Simard of the Toronto Design Group and Lonny.


Tammie Warren said…
Wen, I love them all but really love the Red, Blue and White Boy's room...Great Job on the Blog!
Unknown said…
I love that grey and brown one second to last- so chic!
Ya know.. boys bedrooms are tough! my 17 yr old is still sleeping with large elephants and giraffes. bad... He asked for black walls, I refused, so we settled on dark gray but I am still at a lose as to how to put it all together. this inspiration helps. thanks
Hahaha, I had that exact space ship wall mural in the second photo in my bedroom when we first moved into our house a few years ago. It was hideous! But somehow it works in that room. I am currently putting together Keaton's "big boy" room. I definitely don't have as many ideas as I would if it was a girls room, but these have helped a lot!
Ashley said…
Some of these are great. Especially the ones that don't cry "this is a boys room" but play in a more neutral territory.
K&B by the Sea said…
Nice collection of boys rooms :-) My favourite is the third one, with the whale artwork above the bed. I love that it's nautical without being too themey :-)

Thanks for the idea to start a design crush series - I think I'm going to do it :-) And of course, you HAVE to be my first guest blogger :-)
Melissa Hare said…
I love the green and blue! Great combo for a boys room. Glad to have found your blog :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Wendell,

I love the Airplane theme as well as the 3rd one! It's given me some great ideas to help spruce up Pavlos' room. Since it's a mish mash of when he was a baby to the age of 7! Thanks so much for the samples!
Amy said…
Hi. I found this site through Pinterest and love the green and blue room above. I am dying to figure out where that blue elephant artwork is from - I'd love to get it for my son's room. Any ideas?

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