The Home Depot Does Valentine’s

My friends over at The Home Depot sent along this gift bag last Friday. I love their creativity… and thank you for the early Valentine’s Day gift!

Well, who said Valentine’s is just for women? Here’s a gift idea for your significant other from a store that I’m sure they know well. It’s win – win, a little gift for him while knowing you’re being more energy efficient and saving money for you!

Home Depot Does Valentine's

Saved dollars equals more shopping, what will you spend your saved dollars on? I think I’ll take the filet mignon for Valentine’s Day!


Chris Kauffman said…
That's funny I got that gift too ...wish I had a dimmer somewhere , was very very nice.
Designwali said…
me too! perfect gift for hubby.
What a great idea. I think I need to become friends with the Home Depot ;)
Unknown said…
This is so fun- and I'll definitely take that fillet:)

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