Beach Artwork {Love}

Beach prints have been trending for several months now, but my obsession with them started last year. Since seeing Victoria Webster’s living room, featured in the January 2010 issue of Canadian House and Home, I’ve been coveting.

H & H Jan 2010

We traveled to Fiji for our honeymoon. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are absolutely gorgeous and picture worthy, below are two of my favorites. I would love to get one of them enlarged and framed. I suspect B & I will smile each time when have a glimpse at it. Which do you like better?



Popping up on line, in magazines and most recently on last week’s Sarah 101…  they’re definitely on trend.elle decor

elle decor 2

design sponge 2


rue magazine

Sarah 101

Aren’t they beautiful? Interested in buying beach artwork for your own home? My online searching lead me to Christian Chaize. I would love to own a piece of his artwork but the price tag just doesn’t fall within my shoestring budget approach to everything. With that, 20x200 sells editions of his print at a point price that even I could do… really, have a look for yourself here. I also found beach prints available at Art Interiors in Toronto. Hope these photo’s make you smile! Happy Weekend!

Photo Credits: Canadian House & Home, Elle Decor, Design Sponge, Rue Magazine and Sarah 101.


Unknown said…
I've been seeing them everywhere and I love it! I like the 1st photo. A little less predictable than the other. But hey, they are both fantastic and I'd love to be there right now:)
Enjoy the weekend!
I'm in love too (sigh). I keep meaning to buy that one from 20x200 for my bathroom, but haven't yet.
Unknown said…
I love love love them too- You featured some of my all time favourite spaces and the beach photos always make them just swoon worthy. Gorgeous post Wendy!
The beach ALWAYS makes me smile :)

Happy weekend, Wendy!
Staci Edwards said…
Great post Wendy!
I prefer the photo with the sand - it adds more dimension to it.
Slim Arons has great beach {and pool} shots as well, have you seen his work?
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
We had 70 degree temps today. Gotta love that weather! Loved all the rooms.

K&B by the Sea said…
Beach photos really are popping up everywhere! They're colourful and fun, and when you live in Canada like we do, it's nice to have a beautiful beach picture to enjoy during the winter months.

Great idea to hang your beach photo. I'm leaning towards the second one - I like the green of the island in the distance and in the water close to the sand. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from hanging both :-)
Kathy Carbone said…
I like those traditional hardwood flooring, particularly for beach houses. They fit the tropical climate, as I noticed in most houses in Tampa and other places in Florida. I'm so jealous with your trip to Fiji! I've been dreaming to go there with my husband. But thanks for sharing some photos. The beach sure is lovely.

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