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Have you noticed that birds are "in" now? I would say it's been a few months (at least since Christmas) that I've seen the imagery of birds weaving through design magazines and home decor shops. I did buy a white dove at Christmas and added it to my dining room chandelier but who knew it was going to be sooo trendy in the months to come. 

Here's a collection of bird items that I think have modern edge to them... hmm, wonder if I should add another little something?... enjoy!

Silk screen print by Alanna Cavanagh.
Fine art photography by Isa Ferreira

Laptop skin by Lily Pang
Thank You cards by Nicole Balch at Pink Loves Brown

Art work by Tracy Walker

A collection of pillows by...

Wallpaper by Schumacher


Juliette Crane said…
love all of these birds finds. very inspiring. thanks for sharing! i can't help but find myself painting sparrows and owls:) thinking it's the warm weather springtime!

xoxo, juliette

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