Gorgeous Wallpaper

Yes, you’ve read it right – I said, wallpaper! Have you noticed that wallpaper is back and its absolutely gorgeous? I would love to incorporate one of these gorgeous wallpapers to my bedroom redesign or perhaps the ensuite. I wonder what B would think…since he grew up with wallpaper all over his parents house. That said, the options available today are endless and it's definitely not your parents wallpaper anymore. Elegant, modern, edgy and when paired with the right furnishings, the room can look stunning. Have I peeked your interest yet?… anyway, take a look at some of my favourites right now.

... from Jocelyn Warner

... from Schumacher

As I'm putting this post together I'm realizing that there are too many wallpapers on my favorites list right now for one post - darn! I'll just have to show you the rest of my top picks another day with another post. I'll try to be more organized next time and include room pictures as well... so you can see what I really mean. Gorgeous!


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