Easter decorating... for adults?

While I cringe at the thought of adding more items to my all ready full storage room, this past week I've been thinking about adding some Easter decorations to my seasonal decorations. While most Easter and spring decorations are geared towards kids today, I saw (what I think are) beautiful adult Easter d├ęcor - from one of my favourite stores no less – Potterybarn.

I love the little birds on branches, the tasteful ceramic rabbit figures and Easter eggs nestled on paper mesh... all so pretty. I wanted to buy a little of everything to start my Easter decor but the scrooge in me left empty handed. My second thought comes because I didn't really think I would do Easter decorating given I have two boys - but after today, Easter decor has just stepped up a notch and, I’m in. Now, I’m on the hunt for items like I saw today but less expensive… perhaps I’ll just buy the rabbit from PB because it was so pretty and perfect for my kitchen. I'll have it go back! :)

Sorry the pictures are a little dark, I took them from my iphone. None the less, I think you'll see what I'm talking about ~ pretty, don't you think?


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