Target Gets it Right

Each time I come to the states, I visit a Target store and each time I'm impressed. Kuddos to them because they really make the shopping experience for home decor easy not to mention, budget friendly. 

If you fancy modern glamour - here you go...

Is nautical your thing?... no problem, here you go...

Perhaps, you're in need of a side table or ottoman?... take your pick!

And, just in time for spring, what colour puts a smile on your face? Add a little colour to make you feel better about doing laundry or organizing that closet! :) Sorry, I was in a rush when I took this last picture and now I wish it was a little better... there really was a rainbow of colours to chose from.

So, here's my point - yes, Target has a variety of home decor options crossing many design styles but what they do right is SHOWCASE it to make it easy for people to pull ideas together. They provide room ideas up top each isle and group design styles together so you don't need to go all over the store.

Oh, by the way, my PR for the big store doesn't mean I lose sight of the small independents... like my favorites on Etsy.

P.S. Liberty of London arrives early! but I'll save that for a new post on a new day. :)


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