Taking Pictures via Your iPhone

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying out new techniques for taking pictures from my iPhone.

I love the fancy camera I got for my birthday a couple of years ago, but the reality is it’s my iPhone that’s with me 24-7. So I thought why not learn a little more about the camera apps available and give them a little test drive. Here’s a little about my trials… I should mention, high on my picture-happy list are; my kids, food, the outdoors, pretty items and spaces.

At first I was only using my iPhone camera, which by the way is really good, and editing my photos via Photoshop Express. Sadly, I don’t remember if I’ve ever posted any photos on line using this method so needless to say, I don’t have any to share now.

Moving on. Instagram. Then I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, and like many people I was instantly hooked. I loved how an otherwise, ordinary photo got a new take once a filter was applied. I dabbled with a handful of filters, my photos looked something like this… 

photos using instagram 2

Prior to taking the picture, I thought about composition and all in all, I was happy with my photos. Then my marketing persona took over and I thought, perhaps my photos needed a little more cohesiveness and branding…

Moving on. Camera+ with Instagram. Then I started taking the photo and editing the photo in Camera+ prior to importing it into Instagram. Once I had the photo in Instagram, I applied the Hudson filter and viola, here’s what my photos looked like…

photos with hudson filter in instram

Do you like the cohesiveness by using the one filter idea? Hudson filter.

Moving on. Camera+ with no Instagram filter. This is the method I’m using today. I like the idea the idea of using one filter however, I wanted to try for better lighting and lighter edge. Here I take the photo and edit the photo in Camera+ and apply no filter once imported into Instagram. And, by editing the photo in Camera+, I mean… adjust the lighting, crop, apply a FX effect {aka a filter}and choose a boarder. For almost every picture I apply the depth of field filter which has no colour tint and apply a white boarder. Here’s what my photos look like…

photos with white boarder no instagram filter

How about cohesiveness with no filter and a white boarder?

Finally, although a little more time is required for editing, I really like Camera+. The added bonus to using this app is that the publishing isn’t immediate as with Instagram, although there’s a workaround for disabling publishing. Camera+ retains the photo in the ‘lightbox’ for continued editing and / or sharing if desired at a later date.

There you have it, my trials for taking pictures via your iPhone. Admittedly, today I spend far more time on composition and adjusting lighting versus trying different filters. I’m still working on capturing a better photo for my perfectionist side. You can see my full Instagram feed here, via Followgram.

How are you taking photos today? Do you have a tip to add, please share.


this is really cool (and very helpful) to see your progression! I have just started to play around with instagram and I'm still at the very first step (instagram with the funny filters on instagram alone). I hadn't even heard of camera+ but am now going to check out! I love how you've progressed.
i'd also like to share that i'm having my first ever giveaway on my blog. i'd love for you to hop over and enter. it's for a wayland gregory turquoise ceramic bowl.


thanks! heather
Tim said…
Great post Wendy!! Love the tips and now I'm checking Camera+
How2home said…
Interesting post! We have the same camera and still loving it! Woot Nikon D3000 :) Hopping over to check out camera+ :) thx for the recommendation!
iPad Mini Skin said…
this is really cool I am so impressed!

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